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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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Windows Theme Installer is a simple, free program for Windows that lets you install custom themes in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To set up Windows Theme Installer, download the free installation file and run it to start the Windows Setup Wizard. You will be guided through the installation process and given the choice of where to place the application icon. Since Windows Theme Installer only works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, it does not include a Windows 8 installation file and does not install an icon on your Start screen. The setup process is very straightforward and lets you install your first themes within minutes.

Installing custom themes in Windows has always been a challenge because Microsoft prevents customization of the NT system registry. Advanced users have figured out how to get around these barriers, but casual users generally do not want to go through the trouble of looking up a set of registry keys and replacing system library files with hacked files. Windows Theme Installer completely automates this process by configuring your system registry to allow you to customize your taskbar, Start button, Start menu, desktop icons, windows, and system tray. You can create these themes yourself or download them from Windows theme builders online.

The Windows Theme Installer interface is pretty simple to use and consists of five options for custom theme files. You can install a complete Windows theme in the theme slot and add Windows Explorer and shell themes in the remaining slots. The theme files can be saved in any folder on your computer, as opposed to the system folder where default Windows themes are stored. This option makes transferring your theme library to a new computer quite easy because you can simply copy your user directory to a flash drive or another hard drive.

After browsing for theme files to add to the installer, you can select them individually using the embedded check boxes, giving you a little extra customization ability. Once you have made your selection, installing themes is as simple as clicking Install Theme. While some users may be a little uneasy about tinkering in the system registry and system library files, Windows Theme Installer includes the option to restore your theme to its original layout by clicking Restore Default System Files. In some cases, you may need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect, but once they do, your Windows Vista or Windows 7 system looks just like it did the day you installed it.

Your library of installed themes is accessible from the sidebar, so you can quickly change your settings with a single click. To use this feature, you must have already installed the theme using the embedded check boxes and file browser. If you do not like a particular theme that you installed, you can remove it by clicking Remove Theme.


  • Lightweight, simple application
  • Saves time and trouble configuring system files


  • Not compatible with Windows 8

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